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Mission and Vision

The Turkish American Society of Ohio – Dayton (TASO-Dayton) is dedicated to addressing the social and cultural needs of the Turkish American community living in the greater Dayton area. The doors of TASO-Dayton are open to everyone and we welcome you with a warm smile; please come and enjoy the friendship and hospitality at TASO-Dayton! TASO-Dayton is committed to: 1. Introduce Turkish culture and establish bridges between different cultures 2. Unite the Turkish-American community 3. Meet the cultural and social needs of Turkish-Americans who live in greater Dayton area 4. Provide the community with educational services 5. Establish dialog among the communities which leads to global peace 6. Create a welcoming environment for newcomers and help them adapt the life in the US


The mission of TASO-Dayton is to introduce Turkish culture into American society and cultivate friendship and promote the understanding of diverse cultures through its unique services to the community and dialog efforts.


Our vision is to build and sustain a peaceful and friendly community with strong intercultural ties among individuals and respect for all the religious and ethnic background through communication, interaction, education, and diversity.

TASO  is a 501(c) 3 tax-exempt organization with no formal membership (NON-PROFIT). All income of TASO comes in the form of donations from the public, and these donations are tax-deductible. We rely on your generosity and thank you or your past efforts. You can also give a helping hand by sending a check to our organization. Please make your checks payable to TASO , and remit to:

2601 East 4th St Dayton OH 45403