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A Month of Ramadan Mubarek

As you may already know, the month of Ramadan will begin on this Wednesday, May 16th according to the lunar calendar. Muslims all around the world observe this month by fasting from dawn to sunset, praying more and giving charity.
Everyday in this month, they wake up before dawn for an early breakfast, then they break their fast at sunset with friends and neighbors. At the end of a whole month of fasting, they give charity to poor.
Although kids are not at an age where she is required to fast, they look forward to it. Some of kids can fasting a few full  days and many half days (kid way)with us. We think it not only provides spiritual growth, but also teaches patience, empathy for poor and thankfulness for all we have.
As a Turkish American Community, we would like to share this special month with our friends, neighbors and you to raise awareness and celebrate diversity in our community. We would like to invite you for a Ramadan dinner(Iftar) with a Muslim family.  If would like to get a Ramadan experience please let us know, feel free to contact us, Just say that how many people will join the dinner. Absolutely we will return to schedule a dinner. It is a pleasure for us. Please email to


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